Oldies Stack

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Oldies Stack

My take on a reminder of the good old MVC days from a Remix perspective


The Oldies Stack is a full stack web application development stack that uses Remix as the framework. It includes a wide range of features and tools such as multi-region Fly app deployment, PostgreSQL cluster, authentication with cookie-based sessions, styling with Tailwind, and end-to-end testing with Cypress, among others.


  • Multi-region Fly app deployment with Docker
  • Multi-region Fly PostgreSQL Cluster
  • Healthcheck endpoint for Fly backups region fallbacks
  • GitHub Actions for deploy on merge to production and staging environments
  • Email/Password Authentication with cookie-based sessions
  • Database ORM with Prisma
  • Styling with Tailwind
  • End-to-end testing with Cypress
  • Local third party request mocking with MSW
  • Unit testing with Vitest and Testing Library
  • Code formatting with Prettier
  • Linting with ESLint
  • Static Types with TypeScript


  1. Start the Postgres Database in Docker: npm run db:up
  2. Run the first build: npm run build
  3. Start dev server: npm run dev


The Oldies Stack is a comprehensive development stack for building full stack web applications using Remix. It provides a range of features such as multi-region app deployment, database management, authentication, styling, testing, and more. The stack is easy to install and provides a solid foundation for developing robust web applications.