screenshot of Bufficorn.bootcamp


EThDenver bootcamp HW repo to show daily homework participation and collaboration.


This product analysis provides an overview of a theme created for the EthDenver Bootcamp by encode.club. The theme was developed by @cavetorch and the team consists of 15 members. The team is composed of likeminded individuals who are brought together by the concept of Web3. They believe that Web3 has the potential to remove the financial power from the State and empower humanity.


  • Custom Design: The theme offers a unique and custom design that sets it apart from other themes.
  • Responsive Layout: The theme is built with a responsive layout, ensuring that it is easily accessible across various devices.
  • Web3 Integration: The theme incorporates Web3 technology, allowing users to experience the benefits and potential of decentralized applications.


To install the theme, follow the steps below:

  1. Clone the repository from GitHub:
git clone https://github.com/encodeclub/ethdenver-bootcamp-theme.git
  1. Change to the project directory:
cd ethdenver-bootcamp-theme
  1. Install the required dependencies:
npm install
  1. Start the development server:
npm run start
  1. Open your web browser and visit http://localhost:3000 to view the theme.


In summary, the theme created for the EthDenver Bootcamp by encode.club is a unique and custom design that incorporates Web3 technology. It aims to empower humanity by removing the financial power from the State. The theme offers a responsive layout and can be installed by following the provided installation guide.