Hexo Theme Casper

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Hexo Theme Casper

New casper theme ported to hexo.


The Hexo Casper theme is a port of Ghost's Casper theme to the Hexo platform. It is a simple and beautiful theme that offers a range of features to enhance the appearance and functionality of a Hexo blog.


  • Posts cover image
  • Posts feature image
  • Customized navigation menu
  • Customized favicon, logo, header image, author image
  • Social links (now supports Facebook, Twitter, Github, Bilibili, YouTube, Weibo)
  • 3 widgets (Tag, Category, TOC)
  • Pagination
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Lazy load
  • Local search
  • Valine comment
  • Chrome Nav Color
  • Baidu Push Google Analytics
  • Service Worker
  • MacOS, iOS, and Android dark mode (Safari, Chrome)


To install the Hexo Casper theme, follow these steps:

  1. Install the theme using the following command: npm install hexo-theme-casper
  2. Enable the theme by modifying the _config.yml file and setting the theme option to hexo-casper.
  3. Customize the theme settings by editing the themes/hexo-casper/_config.yml file.
  4. Optionally, add the Valine comment feature to your blog using the instructions provided at https://valine.js.org.
  5. Configure the local search functionality using the instructions provided at https://github.com/wzpan/hexo-generator-search and https://github.com/SuperKieran/hexo-generator-search-zip.
  6. Ensure you have proper copyright and license statements in place.


The Hexo Casper theme is a visually appealing and feature-rich theme that brings the elegance and simplicity of Ghost's Casper theme to the Hexo platform. With its customizable options and various enhancements, it provides a great option for Hexo users looking for a beautiful and functional theme for their blog.


Hexo is a static site generator built with Node.js that enables developers to create fast and efficient websites using Markdown, EJS, and Stylus. It offers features such as server-side rendering, plugin support, and easy deployment to hosting services like GitHub Pages and Netlify.