Hugo Theme Next

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Hugo Theme Next

This is a hugo theme forked from hexo-theme-next


NexT for Hugo is a Hugo theme that has been ported from NexT, a simple and animated theme originally designed for the Hexo blogging platform. This theme has been modified to work with Hugo and is being used on the author's own blog site.


  • Sidebar menu: Display a sidebar menu for easy navigation.
  • Sidebar links: Add links to the sidebar for quick access to important pages.
  • Auto toc display: Automatically generate and display a table of contents.
  • Support i18n: Internationalization support for translating the theme.
  • Local Search: Enable searching within the site.
  • Syntax Highlighter: Utilize a syntax highlighter to improve code readability.
  • Support Latex: Render LaTeX equations on the site.


  1. Download the theme file by running the following command:
    git clone next
  2. Copy the "next" directory to the "themes" directory in your Hugo site.
  3. Move the "config.toml" file to the root directory of your Hugo site and modify it with the actual information for your site.
  4. Create some markdown files in the "content/post" directory. You can refer to the example files in this GitHub repository.
  5. Start the Hugo server by running the following command in the root directory:
    hugo server
  6. Open your browser and navigate to http://localhost:1313/ to preview your site.


NexT for Hugo is a ported theme from NexT, designed initially for the Hexo platform. It offers various features, including a sidebar menu, sidebar links, auto table of contents generation, i18n support, local search, syntax highlighting, and LaTeX rendering. Users can download and install the theme by following the provided installation guide. However, it's important to note that some Hexo-specific styles may not work due to differences between Hugo's template engine and Hexo. The theme has been tested on Hugo version 0.58 and is available under the MIT License.


Hexo is a static site generator built with Node.js that enables developers to create fast and efficient websites using Markdown, EJS, and Stylus. It offers features such as server-side rendering, plugin support, and easy deployment to hosting services like GitHub Pages and Netlify.


Hugo is an open-source static site generator that features fast build times, flexible themes, support for multiple content formats, multilingual websites, live reloading, and an active community. It allows developers to easily create and deploy SEO-friendly and mobile-responsive websites.

Templates & Themes

A template or theme refers to a pre-designed layout or structure that provides a basic framework for building a specific type of application or website. It typically includes good design, placeholder content and functional features, allowing developers to customize and fill in the details according to their specific needs.