Hexo Theme Cold Stone

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Hexo Theme Cold Stone

A simple, refreshing, text-based Hexo blog theme.


Cold Stone is a simple and refreshing text-based Hexo blog theme. It offers a clean and minimalistic design that is easy to navigate. The theme supports multiple languages, including English, Chinese, and Japanese. Some key features of Cold Stone include auto night mode, progressive web application (PWA) support, Utteranc comment system, mobile-friendly layout, search function, category and tag pages, and blog traffic statistics. It also provides options for customization, such as adding an avatar, compressing blog code, and generating an RSS feed.


  • Auto night mode
  • Progressive web application (PWA) support
  • Utteranc comment system
  • Mobile-friendly layout
  • English/Chinese language support
  • Search function
  • Category and tag pages
  • Blog traffic statistics


To install Cold Stone, follow these steps:

  1. Install Hexo if you haven't already.
  2. Clone or download the Cold Stone theme from the repository.
  3. Move the icons from the themes/cold-stone directory to the source directory of your Hexo blog.
  4. Modify the _config.yml file in your Hexo blog's root directory to set the theme to Cold Stone.
  5. Create the required pages for Cold Stone by executing the following command in the project's root directory:
    hexo new page projects
    hexo new page categories
    hexo new page tags
  6. Add the appropriate layout to the newly created pages by modifying the corresponding markdown files: source/projects/index.md, source/categories/index.md, source/tags/index.md.
  7. Modify the configuration of your Hexo blog's _config.yml file according to the examples provided.
  8. Add an avatar.png image to the source directory of your Hexo blog.
  9. Install the hexo-wordcount and hexo-all-minifier plugins for additional features.
  10. If desired, install the hexo-generator-feed plugin to generate an RSS link for your blog.
  11. Enable RSS in the _config.yml file of your Hexo blog.
  12. Run the local deployment to see the changes.
  13. Finally, install the hexo-deployer-git plugin and set the publish configuration in your _config.yml file to deploy your blog.


Cold Stone is a text-based Hexo blog theme with a focus on simplicity and ease of use. It offers a range of features, including auto night mode, PWA support, and a mobile-friendly layout. The theme also provides various customization options and additional plugins for enhanced functionality. With its clean design and user-friendly interface, Cold Stone is a great choice for bloggers looking for a minimalistic and refreshing theme.


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