screenshot of Hexadillax


A hexo blogging system theme.


HeXadillaX is a modified version of the Ghost theme called GhoSadillaX. It offers users a unique and stylish design for their Ghost-based websites.


  • Customizable configuration options
  • Support for tags and categories
  • Integration with duoshuo commenting system
  • Built-in support for Baidu Analytics
  • Option to enable Mathjax for individual articles


  1. Copy the _config.sample.yml file and rename it as _config.yml.
  2. Edit the newly created _config.yml file to customize the theme settings.
  3. Create two folders, "tags" and "categories", within your source directory.
  4. Inside each folder, create an index.md file.
  5. Edit the tags/index.md and categories/index.md files to add your desired content.
  6. Register for a duoshuo account and replace the duoshuo short_name in the _config.yml file with your own.
  7. (Optional) If you want to use Baidu Analytics, add your analytics ID to the _config.yml file under the baidu_analytics setting.
  8. (Optional) To enable Mathjax for specific articles, add mathjax: true to the header of the respective Markdown files.


HeXadillaX is a visually appealing Ghost theme that offers several customization options. It provides support for tags and categories, integration with the duoshuo commenting system, and built-in support for Baidu Analytics. Additionally, users have the flexibility to enable Mathjax for individual articles.