screenshot of Personal_profile_angular4


A personal Profile website template with Angular4


personal_profile_angular4 is an Angular 4 template designed to help users build their personal profile. It was generated using Angular CLI version 1.2.1. With this template, users can easily create a professional personal profile website.


  • Angular 4: Built using Angular 4 framework to ensure a modern and efficient user interface.
  • Easy Installation: Simple steps to clone or download the template to your local machine.
  • Node.js Compatibility: Requires Node.js v4+ to run smoothly.
  • Development Server: Offers a development server to preview changes made to the source files.
  • Data Modification: Enables users to easily modify data for each component in their respective servers.
  • Build: Generates a build of the project, with the artifacts stored in the dist/ directory.


To install personal_profile_angular4, follow these steps:

  1. Clone or download personal_profile_angular4 to your local machine.
  2. Make sure you have Node.js v4+ installed.
  3. Install the dependencies for the production environments by running the following command in the Node shell:
npm install


personal_profile_angular4 is an Angular 4 template that simplifies the process of creating a personal profile website. Its key features include easy installation, compatibility with Node.js, a development server for previewing changes, and the ability to modify data for each component. Users can generate a build of the project to deploy their personal profile website.


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