Material Ui Search Bar

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Material Ui Search Bar

Material design search bar


The Material Search Bar is a component that can be used with Material-UI. It allows for a customizable search input field with various features.


  • Controlled input: The SearchBar is a controlled input, meaning that you need to keep the input state. This allows for much flexibility, such as changing and clearing the search input just by changing its props.
  • Cancel on escape: The search input can be cleared when the escape key is pressed. This feature can be enabled or disabled.
  • Styling customization: The styles applied to the component can be overridden or extended by providing a custom classes object.
  • Customization of icons: Both the close and search icons can be overridden to match the desired design.


If you are using Material-UI v3, please install version 0.x of the search bar using the following command:

npm i --save material-ui-search-bar@beta


The Material Search Bar is a useful component for implementing a search feature in a Material-UI based application. It provides several key features, including controlled input, cancel on escape, and customization options for icons and styling. The installation is straightforward for Material-UI v3 users, and the component is licensed under the MIT license.


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