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Material Ui Rating

Rate something with style.


This article is a product analysis of Material-UI Rating, a JavaScript component for creating rating bars. It provides an overview of the features, installation guide, and other details about the product.


  • Classes: Allows extending the style applied to components.
  • Component: Specify the root node component to be used for the rating bar.
  • Disabled: Disables the rating bar and grays it out if set to true.
  • Disable Hover: Disable hover effects on the rating bar.
  • Icon Filled: Specify the icon to be used within the rating bar.
  • Icon Filled Renderer: Overrides the renderer for the filled icon.
  • Icon Hovered Renderer: Overrides the renderer for the hovered icon.
  • Icon Hovered: Specify the icon to be used as a hovered icon.
  • Icon Normal: Specify the icon to be used as a normal icon.
  • Icon Normal Renderer: Overrides the renderer for the normal icon.
  • Max: Set the maximum value of the rating bar.
  • onChange: Callback function fired when a value is clicked.
  • ReadOnly: Disallow user input if set to true.
  • Value: Set the initial value of the rating bar.


To install Material-UI Rating, follow these steps:

  1. Install the package using npm:
npm install @material-ui/rating
  1. Import the Rating component into your project:
import Rating from '@material-ui/rating';
  1. Use the Rating component in your code as desired.


Material-UI Rating is a JavaScript component that allows the creation of customizable rating bars. It provides various features like icon customization, disable and readonly options, and callback function for value changes. The installation process is straightforward by installing the package and importing the Rating component. Overall, Material-UI Rating offers a convenient and flexible solution for implementing rating bars in JavaScript projects.


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