Material Ui Password Field

screenshot of Material Ui Password Field

Material Ui Password Field

A password field using Material-UI.


The material-ui-password-field project provides a password field component for Material-UI. It aims to enhance the user experience by allowing users to easily toggle the visibility of their password while maintaining the styling and functionality of Material UI's Text Field component. The project offers a live demo and is easy to install and use.


  • PasswordField: Replaces the default password TextFields with a more interactive and user-friendly component.
  • buttonDisabled: Enables the ability to disable the visibility button.
  • classes: Allows for customization and extension of the component's styles.
  • visible: Sets the password to be initially visible.


To install the material-ui-password-field theme, follow these steps:

  1. Install the package using npm or yarn:
npm install material-ui-password-field


yarn add material-ui-password-field
  1. Import the PasswordField component into your project:
import PasswordField from 'material-ui-password-field';
  1. Replace your existing password TextFields with the PasswordField component:
  1. Customize the PasswordField component by adding properties as needed. Refer to the documentation for a full list of available properties.


The material-ui-password-field project provides a password field solution for Material-UI that allows for easy toggling of password visibility. It offers features such as visibility button disabling, custom styling options, and initial password visibility settings. The installation process is simple, and the component can be easily integrated into existing projects.


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