Fastapi Layered Architecture

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Fastapi Layered Architecture

FastAPI Layered Architecture


The FastAPI Layered Architecture is a code framework based on the popular FastAPI application development framework. It follows a layered approach, separating concerns and providing a structured and scalable architecture for building web applications. This framework is inspired by the FastAPI Boilerplate project and aims to provide a solid foundation for building robust and performant web applications.


  • Layered Architecture: The framework follows a layered architecture pattern, separating the application logic into distinct layers for better organization and maintainability.
  • FastAPI Integration: Built on top of the FastAPI framework, the codebase leverages the powerful features and performance optimizations of FastAPI.
  • Dependency Injection: The framework utilizes dependency injection to handle dependencies between different components of the application, promoting loose coupling and testability.
  • Authentication and Authorization: The codebase provides built-in support for authentication and authorization, making it easier to implement secure access controls for your web application.
  • ORM Integration: The framework integrates with popular Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) libraries such as SQLAlchemy, making it effortless to work with databases and perform CRUD operations.
  • Swagger Documentation: With FastAPI's native support for OpenAPI and JSON Schema, the framework automatically generates detailed API documentation in real-time.
  • Logging and Error Handling: The codebase includes robust logging and error handling mechanisms, making it easier to debug and track issues in production environments.


To install the FastAPI Layered Architecture, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the FastAPI Layered Architecture codebase from the GitHub repository: git clone
  2. Navigate to the project directory: cd fastapi-boilerplate
  3. Create a virtual environment: virtualenv env
  4. Activate the virtual environment: source env/bin/activate
  5. Install the required dependencies: pip install -r requirements.txt
  6. Configure your database settings and other environment variables in the .env file.
  7. Run the application: python


The FastAPI Layered Architecture provides a comprehensive code framework for building web applications using FastAPI. Its layered architecture pattern, coupled with an integration of various features such as authentication, authorization, ORM integration, and real-time API documentation, make it a powerful tool for developers. The installation process is straightforward, and the codebase is well-documented and easy to understand. Overall, the FastAPI Layered Architecture provides a solid foundation for building robust and scalable web applications.