Hexo Generator Amp

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Hexo Generator Amp

AMP ⚡ HTML (Accelerated Mobile Pages) generator for Hexo.


hexo-generator-ampAMP is an HTML generator for Hexo that allows users to easily generate AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages Project HTML) sites. It automatically generates new AMP HTML pages, allows for customization of the AMP HTML template, validates AMP HTML pages automatically, improves generation speed with cache mode, and supports external services.


  • Automatically generates new AMP HTML pages
  • Freely customize AMP HTML template
  • Automatically validate AMP HTML pages
  • Improve generation speed (Cache mode)
  • Supports external services


To install hexo-generator-ampAMP, follow these steps:

  1. Edit your theme: Add AMP HTML's link to the non-AMP version of your template files.
  2. Set the quick option: Adjust the options in the _config.yml file.
  3. Run server: Start a local server at http://localhost:4000/. The plugin will generate the AMP HTML.
  4. Validate AMP HTML: Validate the generated AMP HTML using Chrome DevTools or the command line.
  5. Deploy: If there are no AMP HTML validation errors, you can deploy your site.

For more detailed instructions and customization options, please refer to the wiki.


hexo-generator-ampAMP is a powerful tool for Hexo users to generate AMP HTML pages with ease. It offers features such as automatic generation, customization, and validation of AMP HTML pages. It is easy to install and provides options for adjusting the settings based on your needs. Additionally, it supports external services and improves generation speed. With hexo-generator-ampAMP, users can create AMP sites without much effort and enhance the mobile experience for their audience.


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