Boilerplate Handlebars Layoutmanager

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Boilerplate Handlebars Layoutmanager



This project has been deprecated, resulting in inconvenience for users. We apologize for any disruption caused and wish you the best of luck.


  • Deprecation: The project has been officially marked as deprecated, indicating that it is no longer actively supported or maintained.
  • Inconvenience: Users may experience difficulties or challenges due to the deprecation of this project.
  • Apology: An apology is offered to users for any inconvenience caused.


Since this project is deprecated, there is no installation process provided. Users are advised to seek alternative solutions or explore similar projects that are actively maintained.


In summary, this project has been deprecated, leading to inconvenience for users. The lack of active support or maintenance may impact the project's functionality and compatibility over time. Users are advised to consider alternative solutions or explore similar projects that are currently being actively maintained.