Rails Tabler Starter

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Rails Tabler Starter

Free and open source Ruby on Rails starter kit built using Tabler


Rails Tabler Starter is a boilerplate for Ruby on Rails applications that provides a solid foundation for building web applications. It includes features such as user authentication and authorization through Devise and OmniAuth, background worker and scheduler using Sidekiq and Sidekiq-Scheduler, role management, pre-built UI layouts from Tabler, and development-focused tools like Annotate, Brakeman, Byebug, and Dotenv. The goal of this boilerplate is to provide a simple and efficient starting point for developers familiar with Ruby on Rails.


  • User authentication & authorization: Authentication is handled through Devise, and OmniAuth is supported to extend authentication through third-party providers. Authorization is implemented using Pundit.
  • Background worker & scheduler: The boilerplate uses Sidekiq and Sidekiq-Scheduler to handle background jobs and scheduling tasks.
  • Role management: The boilerplate supports standard roles across spaces and allows the creation of custom roles per space. Fine-grained permissions can be assigned to each role.
  • Multiple user groups support: The Space model is used to represent a group, such as a team, organization, or group. The boilerplate allows the creation of multiple user groups.
  • Pre-built UI layouts: The boilerplate includes high-quality UI elements and layouts from Tabler, providing a visually appealing interface for the application.
  • Development-focused tools: Annotate is included to annotate Rails classes with schema and routes information. Brakeman is used to perform static analysis and identify security vulnerabilities. Byebug is a simple debugger, and Dotenv is used to load environment variables from a .env file.


To set up the Rails Tabler Starter boilerplate:

  1. Clone the repository.
  2. Make sure you have PostgreSQL and Redis installed and running on your local machine.
  3. Install the required dependencies, either by using asdf or by setting up the dependencies in another way (such as using .tool-versions).
  4. Set up and run the development server.
  5. To access the admin features in the user dropdown, mark a user as an admin from the console.


Rails Tabler Starter is a boilerplate for Ruby on Rails applications that provides a solid foundation for building web applications. It includes features such as user authentication and authorization, background worker and scheduler, role management, pre-built UI layouts, and development-focused tools. The boilerplate aims to simplify the development process for Rails developers and provides a starting point that can be easily customized and extended. Contributions to the project are welcome.

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