Hexo Theme Tangyuxian

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Hexo Theme Tangyuxian

Dedicated theme for Hexo


The Tangyuxian theme is a customized HEXO theme based on hexo-theme-nexmoe. It inherits all the advantages of the original theme and offers higher extendability and compatibility. This theme features customizable theme colors, a local and internet search function, dynamic and static character illustrations, a clock and weather widget, and an instant messaging plugin.


  • Customizable Theme Colors: This theme allows users to fully customize the theme colors and unleash their imagination.
  • Local and Internet Search Function: Users can easily switch between local search and internet search functions.
  • Dynamic and Static Character Illustrations: Users can combine dynamic and static character illustrations to create a unique visual experience.
  • Clock and Weather Widget: The theme includes a right-side widget that displays the current time and weather. This allows users to stay updated while reading or studying.
  • Instant Messaging Plugin: The theme includes an instant messaging plugin that allows real-time communication with contacts.


To install the Tangyuxian theme, please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have HEXO installed and its dependencies are properly installed.
  2. Install the wordcount plugin by running the following command: npm i --save hexo-wordcount.
  3. Modify the _config.yml file in the root directory of your project. Disable the default code highlighting and configure other theme settings.
  4. Activate the word count feature by setting up the wordcount plugin.
  5. Configure the post cover by creating a postcover.js file in the theme's root directory and setting the cover image for each tag.
  6. Create an archives.md file in the source directory of your project to organize your articles in an archive page.
  7. Download the Tangyuxian theme and place it in the themes directory of your HEXO project.
  8. Activate the Tangyuxian theme in your HEXO configuration.


The Tangyuxian theme is a highly customizable HEXO theme that offers several unique features. It allows users to personalize the theme colors, switch between local and internet search functions, combine dynamic and static character illustrations, display a clock and weather widget, and communicate in real-time with the instant messaging plugin. The installation process involves setting up dependencies, modifying configuration files, and organizing articles.


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