Hexo Theme Jsimple

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Hexo Theme Jsimple

Simple three columns theme for Hexo.Inspired by JianShu.com


JSimple is a responsive blog theme for Hexo that includes various features such as day-night mode, local search, and article view count. Inspired by JianShu, JSimple aims to provide a clean and user-friendly theme for bloggers. The theme also supports Google AdSense integration and offers a comprehensive user guide for customization.


  • Day-night mode for better reading experience.
  • Local search functionality to easily find articles.
  • Article view count to track popularity.
  • Google AdSense integration for monetization.
  • Customizable theme settings in _config.yml.
  • Responsive design for optimal viewing on different devices.
  • Patch scripts for easy updates and bug fixes.
  • Browser support for major web browsers.
  • Open to contributions and improvements from the community.


To install JSimple theme for Hexo, follow these steps:

  1. Get the theme from GitHub.
  2. Enable the theme by modifying the theme setting in _config.yml to "jsimple".
  3. Install the hexo-generator-search plugin for local search functionality.
  4. Update the configurations in both site _config.yml and theme _config.yml.
  5. For a quick start, refer to the provided Site backup for convenience.
  6. If needed, copy the patch directory into your site directory for sticky top and timestamp features to work.
  7. Execute the patch/run.sh script after deleting the node_modules folder.
  8. Optionally, close Google AdSense integration if not required.


JSimple is a responsive blog theme for Hexo that offers several features to enhance the blogging experience. With its day-night mode, local search, and article view count, JSimple aims to provide a user-friendly and customizable theme for bloggers. The theme also includes Google AdSense integration for monetization purposes and offers ample documentation for easy installation and customization. Overall, JSimple is a versatile and well-designed blog theme that caters to the needs of bloggers using Hexo.


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