AppCompat Extension Library

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AppCompat Extension Library

A library that builds on the AppCompat Design Library and provides additional common components such as AccountHeaderView, FloatingActionMenu, CircleImageView, Picker Dialogs, FlexibleToolbarLayout, Delightful Detail Drawables and TypefaceCompat.


This article is a product analysis of the Latest Release API for the AppCompat Extension Library. The article introduces the library as an extension of Google's AppCompat Design Library, providing additional common components. It mentions that the library is open to suggestions for new features. The article also lists the currently available components and provides links to the respective wikis for more information on their setup. The article concludes with instructions on how to import the library as a gradle dependency.


  • AccountHeaderView: Allows easy switching between accounts in the navigation drawer.
  • FloatingActionMenu: Wraps multiple FloatingActionButtons and provides a speed dial-like functionality.
  • CircleImageView: A circular image view for displaying avatars or profile pictures.
  • Picker Dialogs: Provides dialog options for selecting different items.
  • FlexibleToolbarLayout: A flexible toolbar layout for dynamic UIs.
  • Delightful Detail Drawables: Custom drawable resources for adding delightful details to UI elements.
  • TypefaceCompat: A compatibility library for using custom typefaces on different Android versions.


To install the AppCompat Extension Library, follow these steps:

  1. Add the following lines to your app module's build.gradle file:
implementation 'com.github.Username:Repo:Tag'
  1. Replace Username with the appropriate username, Repo with the repository name, and Tag with the desired library version.

  2. Sync the project to download the library.

For more detailed installation instructions and customization options, refer to the respective wiki pages for each component.


The Latest Release API for the AppCompat Extension Library is a valuable resource for developers who want to enhance their Android applications with additional components beyond what the official AppCompat Design Library provides. With features like the AccountHeaderView, FloatingActionMenu, and CircleImageView, developers can easily add functionality and improve the design of their apps. The library is continuously updated and welcomes suggestions for new features. Importing the library is straightforward using gradle dependency via Overall, the AppCompat Extension Library offers a convenient way to expand the capabilities of the AppCompat Design Library.

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