Rails5 Boilerplate

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Rails5 Boilerplate

Rails 5 Quick Starter App with Docker


The Rails5 Boilerplate is a starter application template for Ruby on Rails 5. It provides a solid foundation for building web applications using Ruby on Rails, with various features and tools included.


  • Ruby on Rails: The boilerplate is built on top of the Ruby on Rails framework, providing a robust and reliable development environment.
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3: The template includes Twitter Bootstrap 3, a popular front-end framework, providing a responsive and modern interface for your application.
  • FontAwesome: FontAwesome is integrated into the boilerplate, allowing you to easily include icons in your application's design.
  • Slim Template Engine: The boilerplate uses Slim as the template engine, providing a clean and concise syntax for writing views.
  • MySQL: MySQL is used as the default database for the application, providing a reliable and scalable data storage solution.
  • Rspec: The boilerplate includes Rspec, a testing framework for Ruby, to help you write and run tests for your application.
  • Devise: Devise, a flexible authentication solution for Rails, is integrated into the boilerplate, making it easy to implement authentication functionality.
  • ActiveDecorator: The ActiveDecorator gem is included, allowing you to easily decorate your models and views with additional functionality.


To install and set up the Rails5 Boilerplate, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have Ruby and Ruby on Rails installed on your system.
  2. Clone the Rails5 Boilerplate repository to your local machine.
  3. Change into the cloned directory: cd rails5-boilerplate
  4. Install the necessary gems: bundle install
  5. Initialize the database: rails db:create db:migrate
  6. Start the server: rails server
  7. Open your web browser and go to http://localhost:3000/ to access the application.


The Rails5 Boilerplate is a starter template for Ruby on Rails 5, providing a solid foundation for building web applications. It includes features such as Twitter Bootstrap, FontAwesome, Slim, and Devise to help you quickly get started with your project. With its MVC + Service + Decorator architecture and integrated testing framework, the boilerplate promotes best practices and makes development efficient and reliable.