React Redux Material_ui Boilerplate

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React Redux Material_ui Boilerplate

A boilerplate for React + Redux + Material UI + ES6 syntax application


The react-redux-material_ui-boilerplate is a boilerplate template for creating applications using React, Redux, Material UI, and ES6 syntax. It includes all the necessary tools and frameworks to get started with building a React application.


  • React: A JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
  • Redux: A predictable state container for JavaScript applications.
  • Material UI: A popular UI framework for React applications.
  • Webpack: A module bundler for bundling JavaScript files.
  • Babel: A tool for compiling JavaScript code.
  • ESLint: A linting utility for JavaScript code.


To use this boilerplate, follow the steps below:

  1. Install all the required packages by running the command: npm install
  2. Start the development server by running the command: npm start
  3. If you want to build and bundle the files, use the command: npm run build


The react-redux-material_ui-boilerplate is a comprehensive boilerplate template for developing React applications. It provides all the necessary tools and frameworks to get started with building a React app using Redux and Material UI. The installation process is straightforward, and the provided commands make it easy to start the development server and build the bundled files.


React is a widely used JavaScript library for building user interfaces and single-page applications. It follows a component-based architecture and uses a virtual DOM to efficiently update and render UI components

Material UI

material-ui adds classes to Tailwind CSS for all common UI components. Classes like btn, card, etc. This allows us to focus on important things instead of making basic elements for every project.


ESLint is a linter for JavaScript that analyzes code to detect and report on potential problems and errors, as well as enforce consistent code style and best practices, helping developers to write cleaner, more maintainable code.


Redux is a state management library for JavaScript apps that provides a predictable and centralized way to manage application state. It enables developers to write actions and reducers that update the state in response to user interactions, server responses, and other events, and can be used with a variety of front-end frameworks and back-end technologies.


Webpack is a popular open-source module bundler for JavaScript applications that bundles and optimizes the code and its dependencies for production-ready deployment. It can also be used to transform other types of assets such as CSS, images, and fonts.