Tailadmin Free Tailwind Dashboard Template

screenshot of Tailadmin Free Tailwind Dashboard Template

Tailadmin Free Tailwind Dashboard Template

Free and Open-source Tailwind CSS Dashboard Admin Template that comes with all essential dashboard UI components, pages and elements


TailAdmin is a high-quality, open-source, and free Tailwind CSS admin template that is perfect for creating data-rich backends, powerful web applications, and dashboard-admin projects. It offers a range of features and components that make it easy to launch web projects quickly and easily.


  • 4 Unique Dashboards: Analytics, Ecommerce, Marketing, and CRM
  • 120+ Dashboard UI Components
  • 200+ Total UI Elements
  • 45+ HTML Files
  • Full Figma Design Source
  • Easy customization with Tailwind CSS
  • Responsive design for all screen sizes


To install TailAdmin, follow these steps:

  1. Install Node.js >=v14.16+ (Recommended Version) with npm.
  2. Open your terminal and navigate to the root directory of the project (tailadmin).
  3. Clone the repository using the following command:
git clone [repository_url]
  1. Run npm install to install the project dependencies.
  2. Run npm start to run the project in development mode.
  3. Open your browser and go to localhost:3000 to view the project.

For production build, run npm run build. This will generate a build folder in the root of your template that you can upload to your server.


TailAdmin is a free Tailwind CSS admin template designed for creating powerful backend systems and dashboard-admin projects. It offers a range of features and components that make it easy to build data-rich web applications. With customizable options and a responsive design, TailAdmin is an ideal option for developers looking for a top-notch admin and dashboard template.


Tailwind CSS is a utility-first CSS framework that provides pre-defined classes for building responsive and customizable user interfaces.


Alpine.js is a lightweight JavaScript framework that simplifies the process of creating dynamic, reactive user interfaces on the web. It uses a declarative syntax that offers a higher level of abstraction compared to vanilla JavaScript, while being more performant and easier to use than jQuery.


A dashboard style website template is a pre-designed layout that features a user interface resembling a control panel or dashboard. It typically includes charts, graphs, tables, and other data visualization tools that allow users to monitor and analyze data in real-time.

UI Kits & Components

A UI kit provides developers with a set of reusable components that can be easily integrated into a website or application. These components are pre-designed with consistent styling and functionality, allowing developers to save time and effort in the design and development process. UI kits can be either custom-built or third-party, and often include components for buttons, forms, typography, icons, and more.


PostCSS is a popular open-source tool that enables web developers to transform CSS styles with JavaScript plugins. It allows for efficient processing of CSS styles, from applying vendor prefixes to improving browser compatibility, ultimately resulting in cleaner, faster, and more maintainable code.


Webpack is a popular open-source module bundler for JavaScript applications that bundles and optimizes the code and its dependencies for production-ready deployment. It can also be used to transform other types of assets such as CSS, images, and fonts.