Taiga Ui

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Taiga Ui

Angular UI Kit and components library for awesome people


Taiga UI is a fully-treeshakable Angular UI Kit that offers a range of base libraries and add-ons. It is designed to be modular, flexible, and customizable, with a focus on providing a well-engineered solution. With over 130 components, 100 directives, and a dedicated core team, Taiga UI is a powerful tool for building Angular applications.


  • Modular and fully-treeshakable design
  • Agnostic components for any use case
  • Customizable styling using CSS custom properties
  • Well-engineered with dependency injection and OnPush change detection
  • Large library with 130+ components and 100+ directives
  • Actively maintained with 50+ projects in production use


To install Taiga UI, you can follow these steps:

  1. Add the Taiga UI package to your project's dependencies using npm:
npm install @taiga-ui/core
  1. Import the required components from Taiga UI in your Angular app:
import { TuiButtonModule, TuiLoaderModule } from '@taiga-ui/core';

  declarations: [
  imports: [
  providers: [],
  bootstrap: [AppComponent]
export class AppModule { }
  1. Use the imported components in your HTML templates:
<button tuiButton>Submit</button>


Taiga UI is a powerful Angular UI Kit that offers modular and flexible components for building Angular applications. With its customizable styling and well-engineered codebase, Taiga UI provides developers with a reliable toolkit for creating interactive and visually appealing user interfaces.


Angular is a TypeScript-based open-source framework by Google for building dynamic single-page applications and cross-platform mobile apps with MVC architecture and a rich set of features.

UI Kits & Components

A UI kit provides developers with a set of reusable components that can be easily integrated into a website or application. These components are pre-designed with consistent styling and functionality, allowing developers to save time and effort in the design and development process. UI kits can be either custom-built or third-party, and often include components for buttons, forms, typography, icons, and more.


ESLint is a linter for JavaScript that analyzes code to detect and report on potential problems and errors, as well as enforce consistent code style and best practices, helping developers to write cleaner, more maintainable code.


RollupJS is a popular and efficient JavaScript module bundler that takes the code from multiple modules and packages them into a single optimized file, minimizing the overall size of the application and improving its performance.


TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript, providing optional static typing, classes, interfaces, and other features that help developers write more maintainable and scalable code. TypeScript's static typing system can catch errors at compile-time, making it easier to build and maintain large applications.


Webpack is a popular open-source module bundler for JavaScript applications that bundles and optimizes the code and its dependencies for production-ready deployment. It can also be used to transform other types of assets such as CSS, images, and fonts.