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A simple jekyll based resume template


The Remple resume template is a simple resume template built for Jekyll. It provides a clean and minimalist design for creating a professional-looking resume. This template is easy to install and customize, making it a convenient choice for anyone looking to showcase their skills and experience.


  • Clean and minimalist design: The Remple template offers a sleek and simple design that allows the focus to be on the content of the resume.
  • Easy customization: Users can easily customize the template by editing the _config.yml and files with their own credentials and information.
  • GitHub Pages integration: The template can be easily deployed using GitHub Pages, allowing users to showcase their resume on the web.


To install the Remple resume template, follow these steps:

Prerequisite: Knowledge of GitHub and Markdown Syntax

  1. Fork the repository. [Optional] You can change the repository name from Settings > Options > Repository name.

  2. Edit the _config.yml file.

    • Change the values for title, description, email, linkedin, github, website, and medium with your credentials.
    • If you have changed your repository name from remple to your preferred name, you need to change the value for baseurl from "/remple/" to "/[your preferred name]/".
  3. Edit the file with your credentials.

  4. Delete the my-photo.jpg file.

    • Upload your image file, making sure to name it as my-photo.jpg.
    • If you want to name your image file to your preferred name or the file extension to your image file is different, then you need to change the value for photo_url in the _config.yml file to your preferred name or with the correct file extension as well.
  5. Activate GitHub Pages for this site from Settings > Options > GitHub Pages.

    • Choose master as the source branch and / (root) as the folder.
    • You can then access your site at [github_user_name][repo_name] Note: repo_name is remple if you have not changed your repository name; otherwise, it is your preferred name.


The Remple resume template offers a simple and minimalistic design for creating professional resumes. With easy installation and customization processes, users can quickly create their resumes using this template. By utilizing GitHub Pages, users can easily display their resumes on the web, making it accessible for potential employers and clients.


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