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Tabler Angular

Maintained by @arunabhdas Tabler for Angular - Components, demos and documentation


Tabler Angular is an implementation of the Tabler theme using Angular. It offers a modern and responsive UI design for Angular applications. With easy installation and usage steps, it provides developers with a convenient way to incorporate the Tabler theme into their projects.


  • Angular CLI & nrwl/nx compatibility
  • Live Demo available
  • Firebase Demo available
  • Comprehensive documentation available
  • Slack community for support


To install the Tabler Angular theme, follow the steps below:

  1. Install Angular CLI and npm globally by running the following command: npm install -g @angular/cli

  2. Create a new Angular project by running the command: ng new MyApp --routing

  3. Choose the CSS stylesheet format when prompted.

  4. Install the required packages by running the following commands: npm install tabler-ui npm install @tabler/angular-ui npm install @tabler/angular-styles npm install @tabler/angular-core

  5. Generate a new component for the home page by running the command: ng g c home

  6. Start your Angular application by running the command: ng serve

  7. Access the application in your browser by navigating to: http://localhost:4200/

  8. Update the code in the desired application files as needed.


Tabler Angular is an Angular implementation of the Tabler theme that provides a modern and responsive UI design for Angular applications. It offers compatibility with Angular CLI and nrwl/nx, a live demo, Firebase demo, and comprehensive documentation. Installation is straightforward, requiring the installation of necessary packages and generating a new component. With Tabler Angular, developers can easily incorporate the Tabler theme into their Angular projects.


Angular is a TypeScript-based open-source framework by Google for building dynamic single-page applications and cross-platform mobile apps with MVC architecture and a rich set of features.


Bootstrap is the most popular CSS Framework for developing responsive and mobile-first websites.


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