Nw Boilerplate

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Nw Boilerplate

Boilerplate application for NW.js


The nw-boilerplate is a comprehensive boilerplate application for NW.js (formerly known as node-webkit). It provides a cross-platform development environment and a basic structure for NW.js apps. Additionally, it offers scripts to generate installers for the app on all three operating systems (OSX, Windows, and Linux).


  • Cross-platform development environment
  • Basic structure for NW.js app
  • Scripts to generate installers for all three operating systems


  1. Make sure you have Node.js installed on your system
  2. Open your command line interface and navigate to the nw-boilerplate directory
  3. Run the following commands:
npm install
cd app
npm install
cd ..
  1. The above commands will download the NW runtime and install the dependencies for the app inside the app folder


The nw-boilerplate is a tool that provides developers with a comprehensive boilerplate application for NW.js. It offers a cross-platform development environment along with a basic app structure and scripts for generating installers. Its features make it easy for developers to create and distribute desktop applications using NW.js.


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