Typescript Npm Package Template

screenshot of Typescript Npm Package Template

Typescript Npm Package Template

Boilerplate to kickstart creating an npm package using TypeScript


The typescript-npm-package-template is a template that helps kickstart the process of creating a Node.js module using TypeScript and VSCode. It is inspired by the node-module-boilerplate and offers several features to facilitate development and organization of the project.


  • Semantic Release: Automates the release process and determines version numbers based on commit messages.
  • Issue Templates: Provides predefined issue templates to ensure consistent and comprehensive issue reporting.
  • GitHub Actions: Offers a set of continuous integration and deployment workflows to enhance development efficiency.
  • Codecov: Integrates with Codecov to track code coverage and provide statistical analysis.
  • VSCode Launch Configurations: Provides launch configurations for VSCode to enable seamless debugging.
  • TypeScript: Allows developers to write code using TypeScript, a statically-typed superset of JavaScript.
  • Husky: Implements Git hooks to enforce code quality standards and prevent committing of failed code.
  • Lint Staged: Automatically runs ESLint and Prettier on selected files in Git staged area.
  • Commitizen: Enforces conventional commit messages and provides a guided workflow for commit creation.
  • Jest: A popular JavaScript testing framework used for unit testing with a focus on simplicity.


To use the typescript-npm-package-template, follow these steps:

  1. Click the "Use this template" button on the GitHub repository page. Alternatively, create a new directory and clone the repository using the following command:

    git clone https://github.com/{YOUR_USERNAME}/{YOUR_REPOSITORY}.git
  2. Replace FULL_NAME, GITHUB_USER, and REPO_NAME variables in the script below with your own details:

    sed -i 's/typescript-npm-package-template/{YOUR_REPOSITORY_NAME}/g' package.json
    sed -i 's/Your Name/{YOUR_FULL_NAME}/g' package.json
    sed -i 's/YOUR_GITHUB_USERNAME/{YOUR_USERNAME}/g' package.json
  3. Add your NPM token to the GitHub repository secrets as NPM_TOKEN.

  4. Enable the Codecov GitHub App for your repository.

  5. Start building your own npm package using the provided template.


The typescript-npm-package-template is a powerful tool for developers looking to create Node.js modules using TypeScript and VSCode. It offers a range of features that streamline the development process, including automated release management, pre-defined issue templates, and integrated code coverage analysis. By following the installation guide, developers can get started with their own npm package quickly and efficiently.

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