React Native Login

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React Native Login

:iphone: An example React Native project for client login authentication


The react-native-login project is an example React Native project demonstrating how to implement login functionality using a WebView and react-native-cookies to connect to a backend server. It offers a solution for maintaining user authentication along with persisting cookies for subsequent requests.


  • Login Functionality: Allows users to authenticate using a server-side template wrapped within a WebView.
  • Cookie Persistence: Utilizes react-native-cookies to store cookies for maintaining user sessions.
  • Automatic Sign-In: Users stay signed in even after reopening the app.
  • Logout Mechanism: Provides a mechanism to clear cookies and sign out users.


  1. Clone the repository: git clone
  2. Navigate to the project directory: cd react-native-login/ReactNativeLogin
  3. Install dependencies: npm install
  4. Navigate to the server directory: cd ../server
  5. Install server dependencies: npm install
  6. Start the server: node server.js
  7. To run the iOS version, open another terminal window, then navigate to ../ReactNativeLogin/iOS/ReactNativeLogin.xcodeproj and click the play icon in Xcode to launch the app.


The react-native-login project is a useful example for implementing login functionality in a React Native app using WebView and react-native-cookies. It provides a straightforward method for handling user authentication and session management. By following the installation instructions, developers can set up the project and explore the features of maintaining user sessions securely.

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