Express Ipfilter

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Express Ipfilter

A light-weight IP address based connection filtering system


The express-ipfilter package provides a light-weight IP address-based filtering system, allowing users to easily implement IP-based access control by blacklisting or whitelisting specific IPs. Despite being deprecated, the package offers features like using CIDR subnet masks, handling error messages, defining custom functions for IP detection, and more.


  • IP address-based access control: Easily manage access by blacklisting or whitelisting specific IP addresses.
  • CIDR subnet masks: Use CIDR subnet masks for defining IP ranges.
  • Error handling: Receive IpDeniedError if an IP is denied access, preventing app crashes.
  • Custom IP detection function: Define custom functions for detecting IP addresses.


To install the express-ipfilter package, it is recommended to use npm. Add the package to your project using the following code:

npm install express-ipfilter


Despite being deprecated, the express-ipfilter package offers a range of features for IP-based access control, error handling, custom IP detection functions, and more. Users can easily blacklist or whitelist specific IPs, use CIDR subnet masks for defining ranges, and handle denied IP addresses with the provided error messages. Contributing guidelines and building from source are also available for users interested in contributing to the package.


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