Awesome Svelte Resources

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Awesome Svelte Resources

[deprecated for svelte-society/] useful resources for Svelte v3+

Product Analysis: Svelte Resources


This article provides a comprehensive list of resources for Svelte v3, a JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. The article includes various categories such as official links, language translations, communities, integrations, bundler plugins, preprocessors, CLI tools, editor tools, web app frameworks, templates, and more. It also mentions the official successor of the project and encourages users to visit the new website for submissions and discussions.


  • Official Links - Provides links to the official Svelte website, including tutorials, API documentation, examples, REPL, saved apps, blog, FAQ, and Discord chat.
  • Language Translations - Offers internationalized versions of the official Svelte website, including a Russian translation repository.
  • Communities - Lists various community resources, such as official Discord chat, Twitter handle, Meetup groups, and an unofficial subreddit.
  • Integrations - Includes a link to the official list of integrations for Svelte, which users can explore for incorporating Svelte into their stack.
  • Bundler Plugins - Provides bundler plugins like svelte-loader and rollup-plugin-svelte for compiling Svelte components with Webpack and Rollup respectively.
  • Preprocessors - Offers preprocessor options like svelte-preprocess, mdsvex, svelte-preprocess-markdown, svelte-ts-preprocess, svelte-preprocess-postcss, and svelte-preprocess-sass.
  • CLI Tools - Mentions CLI tools related to Svelte development.
  • Editor Tools - Lists editor tools specific to Svelte development.
  • Web App Frameworks - Provides web app frameworks that can be used with Svelte.
  • Templates - Includes templates for building projects with Svelte, including electron templates and mobile templates.
  • And more...


The article does not provide specific installation instructions as it focuses on listing various resources. Users will need to visit the respective links and repositories mentioned in the article to learn more about installation and usage of individual resources.


Overall, this article serves as a valuable reference for developers using Svelte v3. It provides a wide range of resources, including official links, communities, integrations, bundler plugins, preprocessors, CLI tools, editor tools, web app frameworks, templates, and more. The article is constantly updated and welcomes contributions from the community. Developers can explore these resources to enhance their Svelte development experience and build robust user interfaces.


Svelte is a modern front-end framework that compiles your code at build time, resulting in smaller and faster applications. It uses a reactive approach to update the DOM, allowing for high performance and a smoother user experience.