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Make difficult regular expressions easy! Ruby port of the awesome VerbalExpressions repo -


VerbalExpressions is a Ruby library designed to simplify the construction of complex regular expressions. This library, inspired by the popular JavaScript VerbalExpressions, aims to make working with regular expressions in Ruby more intuitive and efficient. By enabling users to build regular expressions using a more human-readable format, VerbalExpressions streamlines the process of creating and manipulating patterns in Ruby applications.


  • Ruby Regular Expressions made easy: Simplifies the construction of regular expressions in Ruby.
  • Ported from the JavaScript VerbalExpressions: Inspired by the JavaScript VerbalExpressions library for consistency and familiarity.
  • Simple installation process: Easy installation with gem install verbal_expressions.
  • URL validation: Provides functionality to test the validity of URLs.
  • String replacement: Supports string replacement using regular expressions.
  • Regex capturing: Allows for capturing groups in regular expressions.
  • Contribution-friendly: Users can clone the repository, fork, and submit pull requests for enhancements.
  • Documentation: Extensive API documentation available for reference.


To install the VerbalExpressions Ruby gem, use the following command:

gem install verbal_expressions

Once the installation is complete, require the library in your Ruby code:

require 'verbal_expressions'

You can then start using the VerbalExpressions library for constructing regular expressions easily.


VerbalExpressions is a valuable Ruby library that simplifies the process of working with regular expressions. With its intuitive approach to building complex patterns, inspired by the JavaScript VerbalExpressions library, users can enhance their regex handling in Ruby applications. Additionally, the library's straightforward installation process and contribution-friendly nature make it a convenient choice for developers looking to streamline regex tasks.