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A clean MkDocs theme


Kilsbergen is a clean MkDocs theme designed for Tako, Pris, and Noblit. It offers a responsive design with zero javascript and is intentionally not flexible to provide only the necessary features without any extras. With support for Museion, Noblit, Pris, Squiller, and Tako documentation, Kilsbergen ensures a smooth user experience.


  • Responsive design: Ensures optimal display across various devices.
  • Zero javascript: Lightweight and efficient performance without the use of javascript.
  • Easy usage: Simple integration by adding the theme as a Git submodule and configuring the mkdocs.yml file.


To install Kilsbergen theme, follow these steps:

  1. Add the theme as a Git submodule to your docs directory, for example, at docs/theme.
  2. Update the mkdocs.yml file with the required configurations.
  3. Ensure MkDocs version 1.1 or later is installed.
  4. To enable anchors next to section headings, add specific configurations to mkdocs.yml.
  5. To enable syntax highlighting, ensure pygmentize is available and update mkdocs.yml accordingly.


Kilsbergen is a straightforward and efficient MkDocs theme that prioritizes essential features for seamless documentation creation. With its focus on responsiveness, minimal use of javascript, and easy installation process, Kilsbergen caters to the needs of users looking for a clean and functional theme for their documentation projects.


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