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Www.ruby Lang.org

Source of the https://www.ruby-lang.org website.


The www.ruby-lang.org website is a Jekyll source code project for the Ruby programming language. It provides information and resources for Ruby developers and users. This project welcomes contributions from the community to improve the website by reporting errors or suggesting improvements.


  • Jekyll source code: The website is built using Jekyll, a static website builder, which allows for easy maintenance and updates.
  • Contribution guidelines: The project provides guidelines for contributors to follow when reporting errors or suggesting improvements.
  • Bundler dependency management: Bundler is used to manage the project's dependencies, ensuring that all required libraries and packages are installed.
  • Local preview: Developers can generate a local preview of their changes by running the website locally and accessing it through their browser.
  • Heroku preview: A preview of the website can also be created on Heroku, allowing for testing of changes under production conditions.
  • Testing tasks: The project provides additional tasks for running tests on the website to ensure its functionality.


To contribute to the www.ruby-lang.org website, follow these steps:

  1. Install Bundler if you haven't already:

    gem install bundler
  2. Clone the repository and install the dependencies:

    git clone <repository-url>
    cd www.ruby-lang.org
    bundle install


The www.ruby-lang.org website is a Jekyll-based project that welcomes contributions from the community. It provides guidelines for reporting errors and suggesting improvements. The project uses Bundler for dependency management and allows for easy local preview of changes. Additionally, a Heroku preview can be created for testing changes under production conditions. Overall, the project aims to provide an efficient and collaborative platform for maintaining and improving the Ruby programming language website.


Jekyll is a static site generator written in Ruby that allows you to create simple, fast, and secure websites without the need for a database.