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Django/Jinja template indenter


DjHTML is a pure-Python Django/Jinja template indenter that does not require any dependencies. It is designed to indent mixed HTML/CSS/JavaScript templates that contain Django or Jinja template tags. Unlike other code-formatting tools, DjHTML is an indenter, not a formatter, meaning it will only add or remove whitespace at the beginning of lines. DjHTML is useful for correctly indenting already well-structured templates.


  • Multi-line HTML elements: DjHTML can now indent multi-line HTML elements and multi-line attribute values.
  • Multi-line CSS indentation: Multi-line CSS values are now continued at the same indentation level.
  • Improved JavaScript indentation: DjHTML has added new indentation rules for JavaScript, such as method chaining.
  • Tabwidth guessing: DjHTML no longer defaults to a tabwidth of 4, but instead guesses the correct tabwidth.


DjHTML requires Python 3.8 or higher and is compatible with all operating systems supported by Python. To install DjHTML, use the following command:

pip install djhtml

Note that for Windows users, it is recommended to set the environment variable PYTHONUTF8 to 1 using the setx command.


DjHTML is a Python library that provides an indenter for Django/Jinja templates. It can indent mixed HTML/CSS/JavaScript templates that contain Django or Jinja templatetags. DjHTML is an useful tool for correctly indenting well-structured templates and it offers features such as multi-line HTML element indentation, multi-line CSS indentation, improved JavaScript indentation, and tabwidth guessing. It can be easily installed using pip and requires Python 3.8 or higher.