Remix Tailwind Base Stack

screenshot of Remix Tailwind Base Stack

Remix Tailwind Base Stack

A quick start for Remix apps with Tailwind CSS, all included.


Remix Tailwind Base Stack is a quick start for Remix apps with Tailwind CSS. It provides a pre-configured setup with all the necessary tools and plugins to get started quickly and efficiently.


  • Styling with Tailwind: Utilize the power of Tailwind CSS to easily style your Remix apps.
  • Raw unstyled components with HeadlessUI: Gain access to HeadlessUI's collection of raw components that can be easily customized and styled.
  • Icons with Heroicons: Add visual elements to your app using Heroicons' extensive collection of icons.
  • Utility function to efficiently merge Tailwind CSS classes in JS: Merge multiple Tailwind CSS classes in JavaScript without causing style conflicts using this utility function.
  • Tailwind official plugins: Includes official Tailwind plugins like Typography, Forms, Aspect Ratio, and Line Clamp.
  • Tailwind unofficial plugins: Enhance your Tailwind experience with unofficial plugins like Tailwind Scrollbar, Tailwind Eslint, and Prettier.
  • Code formatting with Prettier: Ensure consistent code formatting throughout your project using Prettier.
  • Linting with ESLint: Keep your code clean and error-free with ESLint's powerful linting capabilities.
  • Static Types with TypeScript: Leverage the benefits of static typing in your Remix apps by using TypeScript.


To install the Remix Tailwind Base Stack, follow these steps:

  1. Open your terminal.
  2. Run the following command to clone the repository:
    git clone [repository-url]
  3. Change into the cloned directory:
    cd [directory-name]
  4. Run the following command to install the dependencies:
    npm install
  5. Start the app in development mode by running:
    npm run dev
  6. To build the app for production, run:
    npm run build
  7. Once the build is complete, start the app in production mode by running:
    npm run start


The Remix Tailwind Base Stack is a comprehensive starter pack for building Remix apps with Tailwind CSS. It provides all the necessary tools, plugins, and configurations to quickly set up a Remix project and start building beautiful and responsive applications. With features like HeadlessUI, Heroicons, and various Tailwind plugins, developers can focus on building their app's functionality without worrying about the initial setup. Additionally, tools like TypeScript, Prettier, and ESLint ensure code consistency and maintainability. Overall, the Remix Tailwind Base Stack is a great choice for developers looking to streamline their Remix app development process with the power of Tailwind CSS.