Remix Js With Jsdoc

screenshot of Remix Js With Jsdoc

Remix Js With Jsdoc

A Remix run demo in full JS with JSDoc


The Remix JS + JSDocRemix Docs is a demo showcasing how to use JS + JSDoc with Remix, a web application framework. This demo provides a guide on how to integrate JSDoc with Remix for enhanced documentation and development experience.


  • Integration of JS + JSDoc: Remix JS + JSDocRemix Docs demonstrates how to effectively combine JS and JSDoc in the Remix framework.
  • Development Mode: The demo allows users to start their app in development mode, which automatically rebuilds assets on file changes for an efficient development workflow.


To install the Remix JS + JSDocRemix Docs theme, follow these steps:

  1. Open your terminal.
  2. Run the following command to start your app in development mode:
remix start

This will rebuild assets on file changes and provide an optimal development experience.


The Remix JS + JSDocRemix Docs demo is a useful resource for developers looking to integrate JSDoc with the Remix framework. With its clear instructions on installation and showcasing key features, this demo helps users understand how to effectively combine JS and JSDoc for improved documentation and development efficiency.