screenshot of RSFloatInputView


A Float Input View with smooth animation and supporting icon and seperator written with Swift


The RSFloatInputView is a customizable input view for iOS applications. It allows for smooth animation using CoreText, supports optional left icons and separators, and can be configured with various padding, size, fonts, and colors. Additionally, the RSFloatInputView is ready for multi styles and string localization, making it a versatile input solution for iOS developers.


  • Smooth animation using CoreText: The RSFloatInputView incorporates CoreText to provide a seamless and fluid animation experience for users.
  • Support optional left icon: Developers can choose to include an optional left icon on the input view, allowing for additional customization and flexibility.
  • Support optional separator: The RSFloatInputView also supports an optional separator, providing a visually appealing layout option for input forms.
  • Configurable padding, size, fonts, and colors: Users can easily configure various aspects of the input view, including padding, size, fonts, and colors, to match their application's design and branding.
  • Ready for multi styles: The RSFloatInputView is designed to handle multiple styles, allowing developers to easily switch between different visual appearances without compromising functionality.
  • Ready for string localization: Localization is made easy with the RSFloatInputView, as it is already designed to support string localization, enabling developers to provide multilingual support for their applications.
  • Configurable in interface builder: Developers can conveniently configure the RSFloatInputView directly within Interface Builder, avoiding the need for additional code modifications.
  • Demo YouTube video: A demo video is available on YouTube, showcasing the functionality and features of the RSFloatInputView.


To install the RSFloatInputView, follow these steps:

  1. Add the RSFloatInputView to your Podfile:
pod 'RSFloatInputView'
  1. Run the following command in Terminal to install the RSFloatInputView:
pod install
  1. Import the RSFloatInputView module in your Swift file:
import RSFloatInputView
  1. Start using the RSFloatInputView in your application.


The RSFloatInputView is a versatile input solution for iOS developers, offering a range of customizable features and options. With support for smooth animations, optional icons and separators, configurable styles and localization, the RSFloatInputView provides a seamless and user-friendly input experience. Its easy installation process and compatibility with Interface Builder make it an attractive choice for developers looking to enhance their iOS applications with a professional and customizable input view.

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