Online Voting System

screenshot of Online Voting System

Online Voting System

This is a full-stack web development project for Barangay Election 2023. This was developed using HTML, CSS (BootStrap), JS, PHP, & MySQL. I also used TCPDF to print the results of the votes.


The Online E-Voting System for Barangay Election is a web application developed using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL. Its main purpose is to manage barangay elections by allowing users to add positions, candidates, and voters. The system also includes features for managing the position of the ballots and displaying the tally of votes. Voters can log into their accounts and access the ballot.


  • User Management: The system allows users to add positions, candidates, and voters, effectively managing the election process.
  • Ballot Position Management: The system provides tools to manage the position of the ballots, ensuring accuracy and organization in the voting process.
  • Vote Tally: The system is capable of calculating and displaying the tally of votes, making it easy to track candidate popularity and election progress.
  • Voter Authentication: Voters have the ability to log into their accounts securely, ensuring that only eligible voters can access the ballot.


To install the Online E-Voting System for Barangay Election, follow these steps:

  1. Download the project files from the provided website link.
  2. Extract the downloaded files to a directory on your web server.
  3. Import the database file (MySQL dump) into your MySQL server.
  4. Update the database connection configuration in the appropriate configuration file.
  5. Access the system through the specified URL in a web browser.

Make sure you have the necessary dependencies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, web server) installed and configured correctly before proceeding with the installation.


The Online E-Voting System for Barangay Election is a web application designed to streamline the management of barangay elections. It provides features such as user management, ballot position management, vote tallying, and voter authentication. By using this system, users can efficiently organize and conduct elections, ensuring a smooth and transparent process.


Bootstrap is the most popular CSS Framework for developing responsive and mobile-first websites.


A dashboard style website template is a pre-designed layout that features a user interface resembling a control panel or dashboard. It typically includes charts, graphs, tables, and other data visualization tools that allow users to monitor and analyze data in real-time.