Eleventy Notes

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Eleventy Notes

A template for Eleventy to publish your personal notes or docs.


Eleventy Notes is a beta version template designed for publishing personal notes, documentation, or blogs. It is built using Eleventy, a static site generator. Users are encouraged to report bugs or provide suggestions by opening an issue.


  • Wikilinks and backlinks: Users can navigate between related notes easily.
  • Support for Tags: Organize and categorize notes with tags.
  • Fast client-side search: Quickly search for specific content within the site.
  • Two Themes and multiple color schemes: Choose from different themes and color schemes to customize the look of the site.
  • Customizable Sidebar with folder support: Customize the sidebar to display folders and categories.
  • Lightweight and fast: The template has minimal JavaScript, ensuring a fast and efficient browsing experience.

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