screenshot of Typo


Web based markdown editor


Typo is a web-based markdown editor that provides a user-friendly interface for creating and editing markdown content. It offers a range of features that make the editing process easier and more efficient.


  • File System API: Utilizes the file system API when available, allowing for seamless file management. If the API is not supported, a download anchor tag is used as an alternative.
  • Auto-save: Automatically saves changes made to the markdown content, if supported by the system. This ensures that users do not lose their work.
  • Local Storage: All files are exclusively stored locally on the user's device. This provides a secure and private environment for managing markdown content.
  • Content View: Provides the option to view the markdown content either as a document or as a slideshow. This feature allows users to present their content in different formats.
  • Slide Creation: Enables users to create slides within the markdown editor using the <hr> tag (---). This functionality is particularly useful for creating presentations or slideshows.
  • Code Execution: Allows users to execute JavaScript code blocks directly in the browser. This feature is beneficial for testing and experimenting with code snippets.
  • Formatted Printing: Allows users to print the markdown content with proper formatting. This ensures that printed documents maintain the intended visual appearance.
  • Markdown Formatting: Applies Prettier for formatting markdown content, making it easier to read and maintain consistent styling throughout the document.


To install Typo, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the repository: git clone [repository_url]
  2. Install the required dependencies: npm install
  3. Start the development server: npm run dev -- --open


Typo is a feature-rich web-based markdown editor that offers an intuitive editing experience. With its various features, such as auto-save, local storage, and code execution, Typo provides a convenient platform for creating and managing markdown content. Its ability to view content as a document or a slideshow, along with the formatted printing option, enhances the presentation capabilities of Typo. Additionally, the use of markdown formatting and integration with Prettier improves the readability and maintenance of markdown documents.


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