screenshot of Kasper


Ghost's default theme (Casper v1.0) on Jekyll


Kasper is a port of Ghost's default theme Casper v1 for Jekyll. This theme has been modified for use with Jekyll and includes additional features specific to Jekyll. Kasper allows users to easily create a website or blog using the Casper theme.


  • Pagination
  • RSS feed
  • Google Analytics tracking code integration
  • Code syntax highlighting
  • Author's profile with picture
  • Disqus comments


To install the Kasper theme, follow these steps:

  1. Change the settings in the _config.yml file. Most importantly, you may want to set the baseurl to an appropriate value.
  2. Build the Jekyll site and start the local web server.
  3. Build the Jekyll site into the _site folder.


Kasper is a Jekyll theme that is a port of Ghost's default theme Casper v1. It includes several additional features such as pagination, RSS feed integration, Google Analytics tracking code integration, code syntax highlighting, author's profile with picture, and Disqus comments. Installation is easy and requires modifying the _config.yml file and building the Jekyll site.