screenshot of RSFormView


A Cocoapods library designed to easily create forms with multiple data entry fields


RSFormView is a library that allows users to build customizable forms for data entry quickly and easily. It provides a variety of features and options for creating and validating form fields.


  • Fully customizable forms for data entry
  • Easy installation through CocoaPods
  • Programmatic or storyboard implementation
  • Delegate function for updating views based on form data
  • FormViewModel delegate for defining form items and their behaviors
  • Different field types for different data entry needs
  • Validation options for ensuring data integrity
  • Ability to add custom form items


To install RSFormView, follow these steps:

  1. Add the following line to your Podfile:

    pod 'RSFormView'
  2. Run the command pod install in your terminal to install the RSFormView library.


RSFormView is a powerful library that simplifies the process of creating customizable forms for data entry. With features like easy installation, different field types, and validation options, it provides a comprehensive solution for building forms in iOS applications. Whether you're creating a simple contact form or a complex data entry form, RSFormView can help you save time and effort.

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