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Simplica is content focused, minimal theme for Hugo.


Simplica is a minimal theme for Hugo that is designed with a focus on content. It is particularly well-suited for writers and offers a clean and simple design. One notable feature of this theme is that it does not use any JavaScript. Simplica has also received high scores on various performance tests, including AAA ratings on Lighthouse, Gmetrix, and Webpagetest.


  • Minimalistic, clean and simple design: Simplica offers a visually appealing and clutter-free design that is perfect for showcasing written content.
  • Perfect for writers: This theme is specifically tailored to meet the needs of writers, providing a user-friendly interface that puts the focus on the content itself.
  • Content focused: Simplica ensures that the content takes center stage, allowing readers to fully engage with the written material.
  • Inter fonts: The theme utilizes Inter fonts, providing a modern and legible typography for enhanced readability.
  • NO JS!: One unique aspect of Simplica is that it does not rely on JavaScript, resulting in a lightweight and fast-loading website.
  • AAA, 100/100 scores on Lighthouse, Gmetrix and Webpagetest: Simplica has achieved high scores on performance tests, reflecting its efficiency and optimization.


To install the Simplica theme for Hugo, follow these steps:

  1. Download the theme files from the official Simplica repository.
  2. Copy the theme folder into the "themes" directory of your Hugo site.
  3. In your Hugo site's config.toml file, set the value of the "theme" field to "simplica".
  4. Customize the theme's settings and configurations as needed.
  5. Build and deploy your Hugo site to see the Simplica theme in action.


Simplica is a minimal Hugo theme that offers a clean and simple design, making it an ideal choice for writers. With its content-focused approach, Inter fonts, and high scores on performance tests, Simplica provides an excellent platform for showcasing written content. The theme's lack of JavaScript contributes to its efficient and fast-loading nature. Overall, Simplica offers a user-friendly experience while maintaining a visually appealing design.


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