Nodejs Web Jade Scaffold

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Nodejs Web Jade Scaffold

Web application featuring Node.js, Express, Jade, Passport, MongoDB and Bootstrap


The Node.js Web Jade ScaffoldBuild StatusCode ClimateDependency StatusdevDependency provides a structured setup for building web applications using Node.js. It includes convenient installation and configuration steps for essential dependencies like MongoDB, as well as instructions for setting environment variables for various integrations such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, GitHub, LinkedIn, and Instagram. This scaffold also offers project configuration options for database reconnection, locale settings, and authentication methods.


  • Structured Setup: Guides users through the installation process and configuration of essential dependencies.
  • Environment Variables: Allows for easy integration with various third-party services by setting environment variables.
  • Project Configuration: Offers flexibility in configuring database reconnection, locale settings, and authentication methods.
  • User/Role Management: Provides a TODO list for implementing user and role management features.
  • License: Licensed under Rodrigo Gomes da Silva.


  1. Run npm install to install project dependencies.
  2. Install Bower globally: npm install bower -g and then run bower install.
  3. Configure MongoDB by setting environment variables:
    • Set IP: export IP="your_ip"
    • Set PORT: export PORT="your_port"
    • Set SESSION_SECRET: export SESSION_SECRET="your_secret"
    • Set DATABASE_URL: export DATABASE_URL="mongodb://your_mongodb_url"
    • Configure other services like Facebook, Twitter, Google, GitHub, LinkedIn, and Instagram by exporting respective keys and secrets.


The Node.js Web Jade ScaffoldBuild is a comprehensive guide for setting up a Node.js web application, including instructions for installing required dependencies, configuring environment variables for various services, project configuration options, and considerations for future development such as user/role management. It offers a clear structure for developers to start building applications efficiently and provides insights into enhancing authentication methods and integration with popular social platforms.


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