Magento2 Theme Prime

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Magento2 Theme Prime

Rocket Web Prime theme based on Magento Blank that includes our most common customizations.


The RW Prime theme is a Magento 2 boilerplate theme that is based on Magento Blank. It includes common customizations that are frequently used in projects. However, it is important to note that the theme is still in constant development and should be used with caution.


  • New simplified header layout: The theme offers a simplified header layout.
  • Sticky header: The header can be set to stick to the top of the page, and this feature can be enabled or disabled via the layout.
  • New CSS grid layout and flexbox utilities: The theme includes a new CSS grid layout and flexbox utilities for easier layout customization.
  • Refactored mobile menu: The mobile menu has been redesigned with removed additional tabs and included search and account links.
  • UI reference page: The theme includes a UI reference page that showcases commonly used user interface elements such as buttons, forms, typography, etc.
  • Slick carousel: The theme includes the Slick carousel for custom banner and product carousels. However, the WeltPixel_OwlCarouselSlider extension is required for this feature.
  • Lazy loading: The theme supports lazy loading of product images, carousel banners, scripts, stylesheets, and widgets.
  • Updated layered navigation: The layered navigation has been updated with added filter collapse, option limit, and simplified active filters section.
  • Cart and checkout UI improvements: The theme includes improvements to the cart and checkout user interface.
  • CSS optimizations: The CSS files are loaded asynchronously and critical CSS is preloaded on relevant pages.
  • UI optimizations on PDP: The product detail page (PDP) has been optimized with various improvements such as moving the title to the product details column, adding quantity buttons, and including social sharing buttons.
  • Address autocomplete functionality: The theme includes address autocomplete functionality in address forms during checkout.
  • Updated footer layout: The footer layout has been updated using flexbox.
  • Styled form elements: Form elements such as checkboxes, radios, and dropdowns are styled to match the theme.
  • Included commonly used icons: The theme includes a set of commonly used icons in the form of an icon font.
  • Compatibility with extensions: The theme is compatible with the WeltPixel_OwlCarouselSlider and Magefan_Blog extensions.
  • Handy mixins: The theme includes several handy mixins for easier front-end development.


To install the RW Prime theme, follow these steps:

  1. Install using Composer:
composer require rocketweb/prime
  1. Install the required modules:
php bin/magento module:enable RocketWeb_PrimeUiCore RocketWeb_PrimeCheckoutEnhancement
php bin/magento setup:upgrade
  1. Test the installation by going to Admin > Content > Design > Themes. The RocketWeb/prime theme should be listed as one of the available themes.


The RW Prime theme is a Magento 2 boilerplate theme that includes various customizations commonly used in projects. It offers features such as a simplified header layout, sticky header, new CSS grid and flexbox utilities, refactored mobile menu, UI reference page, Slick carousel, lazy loading, updated layered navigation, cart and checkout UI improvements, CSS optimizations, and more. The theme is compatible with several third-party modules and can be installed using Composer.