Laravel Starter Kit

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Laravel Starter Kit

Speed up the kickoff of your Laravel projects.


The Laravel Starter Kit by Rockero is a package designed to speed up the kickoff of Laravel projects. It includes various features and tools such as Pest setup, PHPStan setup, Duster setup for linting and formatting, GitHub Workflows CI integration, Prettier integration, Laravel's default stubs, custom commands for faster development, and comprehensive testing.


  • Pest setup: Includes the initial setup of Pest, a testing framework for PHP, with pre-configured TestCase, example tests, and .env.testing file.
  • PHPStan setup: Sets up static analysis using the PHPStan tool with custom configuration on level 7.
  • Duster setup: Integrates Duster by Tighten for linting and formatting, unifying multiple tools (Pint, TLint, PHP_CodeSniffer, and PHP CS Fixer) into one powerful command.
  • GitHub Workflows CI: Provides an option to add CI for GitHub Workflows during installation, generating a ci.yml file with tests and Duster settings.
  • Prettier integration: Offers the option to add Prettier to CI and the project, preparing a .prettierrc file for configuration and a command to fix code on the local environment.
  • Stubs: Publishes Laravel's default stubs for unified source code across projects, with slight modifications for increased productivity.
  • Commands: Provides two custom commands, "make:action" and "make:class," following the Action programming concept to enhance productivity in creating actions and classes.
  • Testing: Includes a complete testing setup for running tests, with improved changelog and contributing documentation, as well as a security policy.


To install the Laravel Starter Kit, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have Laravel version 10 or higher installed.
  2. Install the package via composer using the following command:
composer require rockero-cz/laravel-starter-kit
  1. Customize the installation command by publishing the config file with:
php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Rockero\LaravelStarterKit\LaravelStarterKitServiceProvider" --tag="config"
  1. Run the installation command:
php artisan starter-kit:install
  1. Follow the additional prompts for adding CI, GitHub Workflows permissions, and Prettier to your project.


The Laravel Starter Kit by Rockero is a comprehensive package that enhances the development workflow of Laravel projects. With pre-configured setups for Pest testing, PHPStan static analysis, Duster linting and formatting, GitHub Workflows CI, and Prettier code formatting, it provides a solid foundation for starting new projects. The package also includes Laravel's default stubs, custom commands for creating actions and classes, and extensive testing capabilities. Overall, the Laravel Starter Kit helps to speed up project setup and improve code quality and productivity.


Laravel is a powerful and elegant PHP framework that provides developers with a comprehensive set of tools and features to build robust web applications. It follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern, offering a clean and organized structure for writing efficient and maintainable code.