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The LearnData open-source note-taking system is designed to streamline knowledge management and sharing. Built using VuePress and vuepress-theme-hope, this tool aggregates the user's notes and articles into a single knowledge base, making it easier to organize and share information. With automatic publishing and a comprehensive structure, LearnData offers a centralized platform for managing various types of content.


  • Note Organization: Categorize notes and articles into different sections such as daily habits, fitness, reading, software applications, Docker services, system issues, code programming, and more.
  • Automated Publishing: Easily publish notes and articles to the LearnData knowledge base without manual intervention.
  • Intuitive Structure: The website follows a defined structure with sections for different types of content, including blogs, software applications, Docker services, system issues, and more.
  • Customizable Theme: Customize the theme of the LearnData website by adjusting the configuration files in the .vuepress directory.


To install the LearnData theme, follow these steps:

  1. Access the LearnData project page and click "Use this template" in the top right corner.
  2. Select "Create a new repository" and navigate to the repository's "Settings" > "Actions" > "General" tab.
  3. In the "Workflow permissions" section, check "Read and write permissions" and click "Save". This will prevent any permission errors during GitHub Page deployment.
  4. Go to the "Actions" tab in the menu bar and click "Re-run jobs" > "Re-run all jobs" to regenerate the website.
  5. Once the deployment is successful, GitHub will automatically build the gh-page branch for the website.
  6. If you don't need to sync the website to a personal server, delete the code related to the "Sync files" block in the .github/workflows/main.yml file to avoid any errors.
  7. In the "Settings" tab, rename the repository to "username.github.io" where "username" is your GitHub username.
  8. Set the source branch to "gh-page" in the "Settings" > "Pages" > "Build and deployment" > "Branch" section. The default website directory is /(root).
  9. Click "Save" to complete the setup. The website should now be accessible at https://username.github.io/.
  10. If the website doesn't display properly or no access link is provided, delete any blog articles in the docs/_posts directory, as GitHub Pages sometimes throws errors related to code in old articles.


The LearnData open-source note-taking system is built using VuePress and vuepress-theme-hope. By aggregating all notes and articles into a single knowledge base, LearnData aims to streamline knowledge management and sharing. With its automated publishing feature, customizable theme, and intuitive structure, LearnData provides a comprehensive platform for organizing and sharing various types of content. Follow the installation guide to set up the LearnData theme for your repository.


Vue.js is a lightweight and flexible JavaScript framework that allows developers to easily build dynamic and reactive user interfaces. Its intuitive syntax, modular architecture, and focus on performance make it a popular choice for modern web development.


VuePress is a minimalistic static site generator based on Vue.js that allows developers to create fast, SEO-friendly, and customizable documentation websites.


Blog websites feature posts written by one or more authors, organized by categories and tags, with a section for comments and archives sorted by date or topic. Additional features may include search bar, social media sharing, subscription or RSS feed, about and contact pages, and visual content.