Qlikview Components

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Qlikview Components

A library for common Qlikview Scripting tasks


QlikView Components (Qvc) is a library that provides script subroutines and functions for common QlikView scripting tasks. Its mission is to implement scripting best practices through a simple and stable API, improve script development speed and quality, and create a common ground for script developers. Qvc aims to serve the needs of the "big middle" of script tasks, providing solutions for common needs found in many scripts.


  • Scripting Best Practices: Qvc encapsulates scripting best practices, allowing QlikView developers to follow standardized approaches.
  • Script Development Speed: By providing pre-built subroutines and functions, Qvc accelerates script development, reducing the time required for coding.
  • Common Ground for Script Developers: Qvc creates a common ground for script developers by offering a shared library of script components for frequently encountered tasks.
  • Distribution File: Qvc can be easily downloaded from the Releases section of the GitHub repository.
  • User Forum Support: For how-to questions, enhancements, suggestions, or general discussions, users can utilize the User Forum.
  • Issue Tracker: Users can report defects or request specific enhancements through the Issues tracker.


To install QlikView Components (Qvc), follow the steps below:

  1. Download the latest distribution file from the Releases section of the GitHub repository.
  2. Unzip the distribution file to a desired location on your system.
  3. Open the readme file included in the distribution for further instructions and information on getting started.


QlikView Components (Qvc) is a library that aims to simplify and improve QlikView scripting tasks. It offers standardized scripting best practices, accelerates script development, and provides a common ground for script developers. By providing a shared library of pre-built script components, Qvc streamlines the process of writing QlikView scripts and enhances the overall quality of script development. The availability of user support through the User Forum and the ability to report issues and request enhancements also contribute to the effectiveness of Qvc as a scripting tool.