React Native Keyboard Spacer

screenshot of React Native Keyboard Spacer

React Native Keyboard Spacer

Plug and play react-native keyboard spacer view.


The NPM package "react-native-keyboard-spacer" is a convenient tool for implementing a keyboard spacer view in iOS applications developed using React Native. This package offers an easy-to-use solution to manage the layout when the keyboard appears or disappears on the screen.


  • Plug and play iOS react-native keyboard spacer view.
  • Automatically performs a layout animation when the keyboard appears or disappears.
  • Supports adjusting additional spacing from keyboard height.
  • Provides default animation settings for layout animations.
  • Includes methods like onToggle for handling keyboard toggles.


To install the "react-native-keyboard-spacer" package, run the following command in your terminal:

npm install --save react-native-keyboard-spacer


"react-native-keyboard-spacer" is a helpful NPM package for React Native developers working on iOS applications. It simplifies the management of the keyboard layout changes by offering customizable spacing options and built-in animation configurations. The package provides convenient methods for handling keyboard toggles, making it a valuable addition to React Native projects requiring keyboard management.

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