React Native Sqlite Storage

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React Native Sqlite Storage

Full featured SQLite3 Native Plugin for React Native (Android and iOS)


The react-native-sqlite-storage is a SQLite3 native plugin for React Native that supports both Android (Classic and Native), iOS, and Windows platforms. It is compatible with React Native versions 0.40 and above, providing a comprehensive solution for handling SQLite databases in mobile applications.


  • iOS and Android Supported: Compatible with identical JavaScript APIs for iOS and Android.
  • SQL Transactions: Supports SQL transactions for managing database operations effectively.
  • JavaScript Interface: Offers a JavaScript interface via plain callbacks or Promises for ease of use.
  • Pre-populated Database Import: Allows the import of pre-populated SQLite databases from the application bundle and sandbox.
  • Windows Support: Provides a callback API similar to iOS and Android for Windows platform.


To install the react-native-sqlite-storage, follow these steps based on your platform:

  1. For iOS:
    • For React Native 0.60 and above, run cd ios && pod install && cd ...
    • For React Native 0.59 and below, install dependencies using CocoaPods or manually as per the instructions provided.
  2. For Android:
    • Execute the necessary commands in the root directory of your React Native project.
    • Link the project with the required libraries and frameworks in Xcode.


The react-native-sqlite-storage library offers essential features for integrating SQLite databases into React Native applications, supporting iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. With its robust SQL transaction support, JavaScript interface, and pre-populated database import functionality, developers can benefit from a reliable database management solution. The clear installation instructions make it easier for developers to seamlessly incorporate this library into their React Native projects.


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