Developer Resources

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Developer Resources

Developer's directory where you will find lots of freemium resources like icons, template ui, illustration, App idea, etc. Feel free to browse around.


Developer Resources is a simple directory that offers a wide range of freemium design resources such as icons, UI templates, and illustrations. It serves as a convenient platform for designers and developers alike to browse and access these resources.


  • Wide Range of Resources: Developer Resources offers a diverse collection of freemium design resources, including icons, UI templates, and illustrations.
  • Easy Browsing: Users can easily navigate through the directory to find the specific resources they need.
  • Contribution Guide: The platform provides a contribution guide for users who want to contribute to the collection by adding their own design resources.


To access Developer Resources, follow these simple steps:

  1. Fork the repository by clicking on the "Fork" button on the GitHub page.
  2. Check the contribution guide for the specific type of resource you want to add. The guide can be found at the following pages:


Developer Resources is a convenient directory that offers a wide range of freemium design resources for developers and designers. With an easy-to-use interface and a contribution guide for users to add their own resources, it provides a valuable platform for accessing and contributing to design assets.


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