Express Print Routes

screenshot of Express Print Routes

Express Print Routes

Prints the tree of Express routes and middlewares to a file


The express-print-routes is a useful module for Node.js that helps developers visualize and keep track of all their Express routes and middlewares. This tool provides a tree view of all routes and middlewares and allows developers to save this information to a file for better organization and version control.


  • Visualizes Express Routes: Print the tree structure of all Express routes and middlewares.
  • Save to File: Ability to save the routes and middlewares tree to a file for future reference.
  • Improves Code Organization: Helps in keeping track of app.use, app.METHOD, app.route, and express.Router calls.
  • Easy Installation: Simple npm installation process for Node.js projects.


To install express-print-routes, run the following command in your terminal:

npm install express-print-routes


express-print-routes is a valuable tool for Node.js developers working with Express applications. It offers an easy way to visualize and document all routes and middlewares, enabling better code organization and version control. By saving the route tree to a file, developers can easily review changes and additions to their application's routes and middlewares. With its simple installation process and useful features, express-print-routes is a beneficial addition to Express projects.


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